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The RHM5K-CH is a 5A precision temperature controller in a small, chassis-mount package.

A linear unipolar output stage can be configured for off-ambient control in heating or cooling applications.

It drives both TECs and resistive heaters.

This temperature controller interfaces with virtually any type of temperature sensor.

An onboard sensor bias current source can drive thermistors, RTDs or the LM335.

For current sensors such as the AD590, users can simply bias it and drive it into the sensor input.

A trimpot adjusts the proportional gain (P).

Fixed integrator time constant (I) and differential term capacitors can be custom fit to the application to optimise temperature overshoot and stability.

Another trimpot adjusts the setpoint temperature.

Up to 27V can be delivered to the load with 30V input.

Heatsinking then becomes critical and a safe operating area tool is available to make sure users don’t exceed the maximum internal power dissipation of the package.

Monitor pins bring out both setpoint and actual temperature signals.

Current limit is set via a third potentiometer.

This product is suitable for applications where temperature stability is critical and space is tight, such as heated optics (non-condensing circumstances), CCDs, preheated liquids and chamber stabilisation.

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