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The ADV001-00 sensor has been developed using a GMR (Giant Magneto Resistive) material.

This material allows the sensor to maintain an operate point with the application of a negative (south) magnetic field, and a release point with the application of a positive (north) magnetic field.

This is useful when used with magnetic encoders that have alternating north/south poles, or in any other application where one polarity of field is required to turn the part on, and the opposite polarity is required to turn it off.

Extremely low magnetic operate points, +/- 4 Oe allow large air gaps between the sensor and the target magnet.

This means that mechanical tolerances can be quite low, which reduces mechanical engineering costs.

The sensor will operate in the temperature range -40C to +125C and can provide an output current of up to 20mA.

The device is available in RoHS-compliant MSOP8 or 2.5mm x 2.5mm TDFN packages.

Applications include magnetic encoders, pneumatic cylinder position sensing and speed sensing.

Evaluation samples are available from Rhopoint Components.

Rhopoint Components

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