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Ridon Joinery has recruited Southampton-based Hi-Tec Spray to design, build and commission dry filter spray booths and to supply a Graco Merkur application system.

The spray booth measures 4,000mm in width by 2,250mm in height and has a 1,000mm working depth.

It is manufactured from galvanised steel sheet panels, folded into shallow tray sections for maximum strength and supported with rolled steel and/or prefabricated sections where necessary.

It has a 1,000mm-deep working canopy area that is fitted with a fluorescent lighting unit housed behind Georgian wired glass.

The heavy-duty centrifugal fan housed in the extract tower at the rear of the plant extracts at a rate of 6m3/s.

The applicator system comprises the Graco Merkur, an air-operated 30:1 ratio pump and a G40 aircoat spray gun, with accessories to include a 411 aircoat, flat spray tip and a set of tip broaches.

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