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Riello UPS has developed an Eco Energy Levels rating system, designed to help IT managers select the most efficient UPS for their installations.

Details of the rating system are listed in the company’s 2009, 80-page product brochure.

Each Riello UPS above 3kVA has been given an Eco Energy Level rating between one and six (six being the most energy efficient).

The levels take into account operational efficiency in full on-line mode and the availability of a ‘smart-mode’ option.

This is an intelligent economy mode at which higher levels of efficiency can be achieved.

The company is also actively involved in the research and development of other areas that can impact a UPS environment.

These include adaptive management to reduce the use of consumables including batteries, fans and capacitors, and the presentation of a UPS as a zero-impact source (with a low total harmonic distortion of three per cent and high input power factor of 0.99) on connection to a mains power supply.

The brochure is available from the Riello UPS website as a download or in hard copy format from the sales office.

The brochure features all Riello UPS products in addition to information on the Riello UPS Eco Energy Levels rating system.

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