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Rigol has selected Analog Devices’ (ADI’s) Blackfin BF531 processor as the signal processing platform within its DS Series digital oscilloscopes and its DSA1030A series of spectrum analysers.

Leveraging Blackfin’s converged platform for advanced signal and control processing enabled Rigol to develop high-performance test and measurement equipment offering high-end features and functionality.

Designed to enable waveform observation via full-colour TFT liquid-crystal displays, Rigol’s DS Series oscilloscopes equip designers, programmers and technicians with all of the capabilities they need to effectively test and debug electronic devices.

The Rigol DS1000 digital oscilloscopes scale bandwidth as high as 300MHz with up to 2GSa/s real-time sample rates for high-performance signal acquisition enabled by ADI’s analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs).

The DS1000-series digital oscilloscopes support triggering functions for event isolation and offer up to 2,000 waveforms per second of update rates.

Rigol received a 2008 Product of the Year Award from Electronic Products magazine recognising the DS1000E digital oscilloscope’s performance strength, Blackfin-enabled digital filtering capabilities and overall value in the entry-level oscilloscope market.

Underpinning the DS1000E is a Blackfin processor architecture that enables flexible peripheral connectivity, with a parallel peripheral interface (PPI) port, serial ports (SPORTs) and a serial peripheral interface (SPI) allocated for the oscilloscope’s LCD, ADI ADC and keyboard, respectively.

Rigol again turned to Blackfin for the signal processing and microcontroller platform within its new family of digital spectrum analysers.

The company’s entry-level (9kHz to 3GHz) DSA1030A spectrum analyser is optimised for radio-frequency (RF) spectrum analysis applications requiring bench-calibre performance and controls in a portable, low-cost design.

Within the DSA1030A, Blackfin provides the signal processing engine for advanced digital filtering and system controller capabilities that manage its user interface, remote control and Ethernet functions.

Blackfin’s convergent architecture reduces system power consumption by minimising off-chip component communication, while its low-power features further enabled Rigol’s system designers to maximise the DSA1030A’s battery life.

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