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The PRT2 system from Hepcomotion comprises a range of ring slides, ring segments, bearings and ancillary components to suit the majority of rotary and track-system applications.

It introduces a substantially expanded range of sizes, with across-the-range load capacities being increased by 50 per cent or more, and includes stainless-steel availability as standard.

This friction-free, debris-tolerant system also adds several new options that allow reliable technical solutions to be engineered.

The extended choice of ring-slide types – double edged, single edged, internal/external Vees, gear cut or plain – in various diameters, is available in steel and stainless steel with hardened Vee edges for maximum wear resistance.

They provide circular motion control at the periphery where it is needed and a large hollow centre to accommodate other components and services.

Track systems combine ring segments and straight slides to achieve an almost limitless variation of open paths and closed circuits, according to the company.

Both left and right-hand bends can be negotiated, depending on the carriage selected.

In addition to 90 and 180deg ring segments, customers can specify straight slides up to 4m long that can be butted together to achieve track systems of unlimited length.

A keyway alignment feature facilitates easy installation and adjustment of joins between straight and curved sides, overcoming minor inaccuracies in positioning.

Hepcomotion bearings are available in a range of five popular sizes and various formats in twin and double-row configurations to suit most design requirements.

The raceway conformity and low radial clearance makes these bearings particularly suited to ring-slide applications.

All are lubricated for life internally and are available with metal shields to exclude dust and swarf, or nitrile seal to prevent the ingress of liquids and debris.

A new addition to the range is the floating bearing, whose outer race axial float accommodates Vee position variation.

In addition to the double-edge Vee ring slides and segments, single-edge versions are available within the PRT2 programme.

Datum faces on both types are provided internally and externally for ease of location and gear-drive options are available with teeth machined into the appropriate register face.

The number of teeth is divisible by four and 12 in order to provide maximum choice of pinion size for exact ratio requirements.

A precision ground ring disc is available for turntable applications.

This provides a large precision mounting surface that can be easily customised to accommodate customers’ components.

A carriage clamping brake and a high-moment-load carriage system are also new additions.

The latter provides extra support and rigidity in applications where high downward or offset loads are anticipated, typically at work stations.

Two types of workstation support are available – static and dynamic.

Customers can also specify bogie carriages with adjustable connecting rods to create a linked carriage system, typically for S-bend configurations.

They are based on high-performance swivel bearings that are lubricated for life and provide precision movement and extreme rigidity.

Lubrication on all Hepcomotion products is simple and effective but a new option for the track systems is bleed lubrication.

This continuously doses lubrication through holes, direct into the Vee contact faces, to eliminate the need for servicing downtime.

Hepcomotion has designed the PRT2 product catalogue to work in parallel with its website to provide greater scope for detail.

This allows readers to download additional data sheets on different features, as well as access more information on the new options in pdf and 2D/3D formats.

Designing a unique engineering principle and making it a commercial success is quite an accomplishment.  Developing that concept and embracing complementary technologies to the point where the business becomes a world leader in its field takes that achievement into a different league.  HepcoMotion has achieved both and in 2009 celebrates 40th year of trading.   

Today HepcoMotion is one of the world’s foremost innovators and manufacturers of linear motion technology.  And this can be attributed to the important tenet – continued investment in its people processes and products.  This has allowed the company to grow even at times of economical difficulty.  

Although its range of individual, linear motion products remains an important part of its business the growth area for HepcoMotion in recent years is in specials and assemblies.  Almost one fifth of its shop floor space is devoted to assembly and the company has invested heavily in flexible manufacturing to ensure that even last minute changes can be accommodated to customer specification.  

Constantly re-assessing its strengths against changing market demands continues to provide HepcoMotion with the momentum for business growth.  The culture of ongoing investment has certainly worked well throughout its first 40 years and will continue to underpin its business in the decades to come.

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