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One of the most common issues that is presented when completing fire risk assessments is the over selling of fire extinguishers and associated equipment.

Find Your Engineer has found that clients have too many extinguishers for the risks within their premises.

A recent example was a landfill power generation plant in north west England that had been prescribed by a salesman representing the brand leader for fire protection a total of GBP2,600 worth of fire extinguishing kit to cover the risk to three people and 80m2 of internal space.

The equipment prescribed included portable extinguishers, stands and extinguisher signage.

A typical example of how certain elements of the fire industry is given a bad name, this particular company are famous for basic wages and commission paid for sales to their engineers.

It is understandable to want staff to be motivated, but at what cost to the brand name and customers being left bewildered after being over sold equipment.

The result is that the client looks to move their business elsewhere.

Customers are also getting fed up with the constant sales pressure during servicing visits, resulting in poor customer relations.

Another example from the same company is a client who was paying for extinguishers on a tied five-year rental/contract agreement at a price that was ridiculously expensive.

Business owners and facility managers are starting to look elsewhere for better value.

Servicing costs are again abused by the big players, who quote a low cost-per-extinguisher service and then take advantage of extortionate prices for the associated consumables.

Prices quoted are as low as GBP1 – GBP2 per extinguisher per service.

However, anti-tamper tags are then charged along with O rings that result in the actual service cost being in the region of GBP8 – GBP12 per unit.

One of the most common conversations as part of the fire risk assessment is the client trying to understand the ‘black art’ of extinguisher servicing and specification for appropriate cover.

The only way that the layman can establish this is by interpreting the British Standard for extinguishers, not cost effective or easy if you are not part of the industry.

Find Your Engineer clients are given advice freely and the extinguisher process is explained in simple terms.

The company advises to find a good local contractor to receive good service, best advice and competitive prices.

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