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MEMFast (Make Ends Meet) has launched a RNHT48 rivet nut hand tool for use with sheet metal, as well as plastics, GRP and composite materials.

Packed in a tough aluminium case with individual foam cut outs for each component, the tool can be assembled and ready to use in seconds.

The tool installs M4 to M10 rivet nuts in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass by using a simple ‘spin’ action.

There is no stroke to set, it is much tougher and easier to use than conventional hand pliers and is much more compact than lever-type tools.

The mandrels are standard 12.9-grade socket head cap-screws – they can be sourced anywhere and, if worn or broken, changed very quickly.

Spare mandrels are included with the tool.

All components have zinc nickel silver plating that will provide up to 4,000hr salt-spray resistance and the outer bodies and inner hex screw drives are case hardened for long life.

A 10mm ratchet spanner is included with the tool to assist with installation of larger sizes of rivet nuts and a hex allen key is also provided to enable extraction of a worn or broken mandrel.

The UK and European versions of the tool will have metric mandrels – those for the US and Canada will have UNC as standard with metric conversion kits available.

The existing RNHT07 rivet nut hand tool with the gold knob will continue to be sold alongside the new tool for customers who only need to install specific sizes of rivet nut, for example M6, but also rivet studs.

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