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The Y-Con Jack-31 from Yamaichi Electronics is an RJ45 connector jack for PCB with integrated magnetic filter and LED light pipes and is suited to applications such as industrial ethernet.

The function principle of the integrated magnetic filter module makes a decisive contribution to the signal conditioning thanks to the galvanic separation (potential separation) and the additional components.

Overlayed disruptions are thus effectively separated or faded out by the wanted signal.

Current peaks, highly frequented overlays or electro smog can lead to malfunctions in the applications, particularly in an industrial environment.

The 90deg-angled jack for the THR PCB is also fitted with an all-round optimised EMC shielding made of nickel-plated brass.

The two integrated light pipes on the left and right next to the mating face lead the light forwards onto each of the LED light sources mounted onto the PCB, hence emitting a function signal.

The colour selection is dependent only on the LED that is used.

The Y-Con Jack-31 is also fitted with data contacts and two additional power contacts.

A major feature of the Y-Con RJ45 series is that these power contacts are universally integrated into all components.

Within the Y-Con RJ45 series the described component can additionally be protected as per protection classes IP69K, IP68, IP67 and IP20 from external mechanical environmental influences.

Protective housing is made from materials such as PBT or zinc die casting.

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