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Rewinds and J Windsor has used a spiral welder to repair a rotary diverter lock on a oil seed food-processing company’s conveyor handling system.

RJW fully cleaned and inspected the assembly, which was made of 316L stainless steel and measured 2.5m long and 500mm in diameter, and made detailed measurements.

An ultrasonic test was completed to out to ensure the shaft was structurally sound, with no inherent flaws or cracks.

The detailed inspection had found that the drive end bearing diameter was bent and worn, and the non-drive end also showed signs of wear.

RJW carried out the following work on the assembly: prepared failed non drive end diameter; machined true and prepared drive end diameter (full length); set up in spiral welding machine and welded using 316L welding wire and externally approved welding procedures; all stainless steel heat treatments covered during the process; set up shaft and proofed machine; carried out dye-penetrant inspection; finished machine and keyway DE and NDE shafts back to manufacturer’s standard; carried out final dye-penetrant inspection.

Rewinds and J Windsor

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