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Rota Val has developed the Rotasafe RM2 rotor monitor to eliminate the problem of nuisance tripping.

Detection systems are required to stop a rotary valve instantly if it detects rotor-to-housing contact, avoiding valve damage and consequent product contamination.

Even relatively minor internal valve damage will invalidate Atex certification requirements by opening a flame path.

Reducing this problem can save considerable expense in the repair or replacement of affected valves.

The Rotasafe RM2 detection circuit is intrinsically safe and is, therefore, suitable for all Atex zones.

Rota Val’s RM2 features control electronics, effectively filtering unwanted electrical noise from unavoidable sources that produce false signals.

The system can be adjusted to measure contact resistance at very low values to distinguish between a genuine fault contact and false signals such as product or CIP fluid conductivity.

The differentiation of false from genuine signals has been a major problem with systems where their design exhibits an innate inability to adequately deal with electrical noise.

Ian Blackmore, managing director, said: ‘By avoiding nuisance tripping, manufacturers can cut unnecessary production stoppages and benefit through enhanced protection from costly product contamination.

‘Our Rotasafe RM2 has already proven effective in trial applications.

‘I believe it will have an important impact on the food manufacturing industry,’ he added.

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