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Roband Electronics’ RO-MIL-2212 is a compact military-specification DC-DC converter in 12 and 15V output versions.

These provide a power output of 120W from a package measuring just 76.3 x 38.2 x 10.2mm.

The new RO-MIL-2212 is a high-efficiency, high-power density single-rail unit comprising an isolated, high-frequency, pulse-width modulated push-pull converter.

While it is specified to operate from a nominal 28V supply, this versatile power supply will accept a wide input voltage range – from 16-40V (12V output version) and 14.5-40V (15V output version).

Options include an 80V input surge capability and a variant that will operate from an input as low as 9V.

External synchronisation is also available.

The RO-MIL-2212 operates over the military temperature range without de-rating.

It is unconditionally stable and does not require additional external components for correct operation.

A remote sense facility compensates for any voltage drop at the load due to the length of the power-supply leads.

The converter is also equipped with a remote disable function.

Both short-circuit and over-voltage protection is provided as standard.

The unit is housed in a machined aluminium enclosure, with a mounting flange configuration designed to optimise thermal impedance and provide adequate vibration support.

A PCB-mounting version is also available.

All Roband Electronics DC-DC converters are manufactured at its Charlwood, Horley site in accordance with the company’s approved Quality Management System: BS EN ISO 9001:2000, BS EN 9100 and BS EN 9110.

The RO-MIL-2212’s wide-input voltage range and surge capability ensure its suitability for MIL-STD-704 applications.

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