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Roband Electronics is announcing the introduction of the first in a planned, extensive series of power products for the electronics sector and specifically the COTs marketplace.

First under the launch spotlight from Roband are a 30kV 1mA bench variable supply, three variants of a 1.2kVA three phase 400Hz static inverter and DC to DC converters and POL regulators.

The 30kV 1mA bench variable supply features continuously variable voltage and current limit control, from virtually zero to full rating and is easy to use via the front panel controls and digital meters.

The unit is compact, economic and unusually elegant for a HV device.

Roband’s 1.2kVA, three phase 400Hz static inverters are primarily for lab and mobile applications.

They come in three variants: a fixed voltage/frequency 115V/400Hz unit; a variable voltage/fixed frequency 0-140V/400Hz unit; and a variable voltage/variable frequency 0-140V/240 -600Hz units.

DC to DC converters and POL regulators from Roband are principally for defence and aerospace applications.

POL regulators are 20W programmable and DC to DC converters include single output programmable, 15V in/100-300V out at 5mA; single output 270V in/28V out at 2.5A; and single output 28V in/12/15V out at 4A versions.

A DC to DC triple output converter is also included in the range featuring 28V in, with outputs of 5V at 5A and +/-15V, (+/-12V), at 0.6A.

Common problems such as voltage drops through interconnection can be avoided; the outputs can be set higher than specified and peak currents in the user load can be restricted by setting the current limits low.

It is also possible to re-centre or even extend the input voltage range to allow for different supply conditions.

Roband provides full support for all its units and is available to discuss any integration and/or system issues.

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