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Fanuc Robotics has launched a robot that can be mounted in a variety of orientations without modification and with an unobtrusive exterior for machine load, assembly and inspection applications.

The M-10iA/10S is a six-axes, 10kg-payload robot with a hollow arm to completely remove tooling cabling from the work area.

The company said the robot provides a compact solution for machine builders and system integrators needing to reduce space requirements.

The arm can be mounted in floor, ceiling and angle orientation – for instance, overhead or an inclined plane – to reduce space required for other operations or peripheral equipment.

The robot’s hollow arm has integrated fluidics, signal and electrical cabling throughout, reducing the risk of cable snagging and breakages.

By routing cables through to the wrist flange, joint six, full tool rotation is maximised without risk, speeding up programming and ensuring longer cable life.

Fanuc Robotics said the high speed and inertia of the M-10iA/10S together with its 1,098mm reach make multi-task applications, such as machine load, assembly and inspection, straightforward.

The ability of joint three to flip is particularly useful for inverted mount installations to maximise the work envelope.

The wrist is sealed to IP67, making it suitable for more aggressive environments such as waterjet cutting and casting applications.

The M-10iA/10S runs with Fanuc Robotics’ R-30iA series intelligent controller, an open-architecture system with integrated intelligent functions including vision and force sensing.

Where vision is required the R-30iA controller helps reduce integration time and cost with its integrated iRVision system.

No additional hardware, other than a camera, is required to integrate vision with the controller.

Control of up to 40 multiple axes is available with the R-30iA controller and when used in multi-arm mode one controller can control four arms and four auxiliary axes groups.

Further reducing the additional control hardware common to any installation, the controller has its own Programmable Machine Controller (PMC).

The PMC has an integrated monitor that allows the user to monitor the PMC ladder in a graphic display for all levels and sub-programs that reside in the controller.

FANUC UK provides industrial automation solutions ranging from the supply of CNC controllers, robots, drilling machines, EDM and injection moulding machines through to the complete integration of factory automation systems.

Providing a single customer support portal for its three core businesses, FANUC comprises FA — CNC controllers, motors and drives; robotics — industrial robots and systems; robomachines — EDM, injection moulding and drilling machines.


FANUC’s FA business manufactures CNC controls, drive systems and laser systems. With a 65 per cent market share in the global CNC control sector, FANUC is the market leader. FANUC CNC is the controller of choice for the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers; continuously developing functionality sees FANUC CNC control being used in a wide range of applications — combining powerful control and high precision with unparalleled reliability.

FANUC servo drives and motors are well proven — aimed at the machine builder, they offer the widest range of high-performance compact designs.  The high availability and ease of maintenance together with world-class, energy-efficient designs make them the motors of choice for thousands of OEMs around the world.


FANUC’s robotics business manufactures the widest range of robots in the world for applications from micro-electronics assembly to the forging of precision aerofoils for jet engines — in industries as diverse as pharmaceutical and potato processing — and with maximum payloads from 1kg to 1,350kg. More than 280,000 FANUC robots are operating worldwide, with production currently geared to meet demands of 5,000 per month. FANUC robots are truly ‘out-of-the-box’ automation designed to be totally flexible and, with application-specific options, straightforward to integrate.


FANUC’s robomachine business manufactures Robodrill machining centres, Robocut EDM machines and Roboshot electric injection-moulding machines. Using FANUC components throughout, the robomachine business builds on the advanced technology, reliability, energy efficiency and innovation of its own controllers, drives and motors. With a focus on energy efficiency and high reliability, the robomachine business developed the first all-electric injection-moulding machines — Roboshot — changing the mould shop into a much cleaner and quieter environment.

Customer support

From initial sales contact with FANUC through the life of the product, FANUC provides one single contact point to make sure support is always at hand with up-to-date advice, genuine warranted parts and, whenever possible, obsolescence avoidance solutions that ensure the lifetime delivery of maximum efficiency.

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