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Aylesbury Automation has installed a system using robots supplied by AA Robotics at Autosplice Brittanic to replace existing equipment and improve efficiency.

Aylesbury Automation has added three Denso Robots and Cognex/ATEQ and HAL inspection and test stations to the production process.

Autosplice Brittanic produces engineering components for automotive, electronics and telecommunications industries.

The company required a solution for a complex requirement in the production of electrical connectors at its manufacturing plant in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

Quality improvements within tight cost constraints were essential to enable it to compete and win orders in international markets.

In order to produce the high-quality electrical connector, four separate, accurately-punched parts and two turned parts are placed in each of four injection-mould cavities by the Denso robots.

Following the injection moulding process the moulded parts are removed from the mould tool cavities by robot and taken through two press-trimming operations.

After the final trimming and forming operation the component is checked by a Cognex vision system.

There is no PLC in the manufacturing cell; all the machine’s functions are coordinated by the multi-tasking robot controllers using Devicenet I/O.

Ten background tasks operate to control 256 I/O points and all production statistics, system status and error messages are shown on the robot HMI.

Encouraged by the low capital cost of the Aylesbury Automation/AA Robotics’ solution, the company is now exploring other processes that might benefit from robotic solutions in terms of quality improvement and cost reductions.

Aylesbury Automation

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