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DV Automation has developed a robotic system for forming a variety of edge conditions on metal components used in a wide range of engineering applications.

Roboform is specially designed to produce a number of options from a radius to angled flanges or flat hemmed safety edges.

The flexible equipment can accommodate a number of component variants and different forms.

The system comprises a standard industrial robot with a robust roller head construction and simple form rollers.

‘Roboform is suitable for a variety of metalworking applications,’ said Mark Schlanker, DVA’s business manager.

‘It is future-proof as it’s easy to add new variants, component shapes or forms at a later date.’ The system’s robot can be utilised for a selection of additional tasks such as handling, gluing and welding processes.

DVA has developed the system after producing a Roboform system for an automotive Tier One component supplier in the US.

Ogihara, based in Michigan, is using the Roboform system to produce a curved flange to retain a rubber seal on the window frame of the rear door for Lincoln’s MKT crossover SUV.

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