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Stanley Handling has brought out the Robur Inox stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers, for use in clean environments such as food production and pharmaceuticals.

The units are made almost entirely from Type 304 grade stainless steel and are resistant to stain, rust and corrosion.

The equipment is impervious to adverse atmospheric conditions and manufactured chemicals and can be thoroughly washed without danger of rusting.

The Robur Inox SB Powered Stacker offers excellent manoeuvrability for fast and intensive handling within production, vehicle loading and warehousing.

It offers load capacities from 1200 to 3000kg and an optional maximum lift-height of 5800mm.

The Robur Inox B Stacker has a hand-pushed battery lift of 1000kg and a maximum height of 3000mm.

It features fast lift operation with controlled lowering, mast-mounted push handles, optional straddle legs and adjustable forks.

The Robur Inox K9TL Powered Pallet Truck boasts an optional on-board digital-weighing unit and a hinged rider platform for increased operational flexibility.

Standard equipment includes electronic speed-control, electromagnetic braking, an automatic parking brake and a multi-function operator safety handle.

The standard Inox HPTQ Hand Pallet Truck is available in stainless steel with an optional on-board weighing unit.

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