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Genevac has launched the Rocket 4D — a compact, fully automated system designed for the automatic drying or concentration of very large volumes (a few to 100 litres) in one operation with no user interaction.

According to the company, the user simply loads his or her sample, selects a method, presses start and walks away — the system will do the rest.

Key features and benefits

  • The Rocket 4D allows the user to dry or concentrate his or her samples with complete confidence as it uses proprietary vacuum technology to suppress solvent bumping and foaming — problems associated with sample loss when using large-scale rotary evaporators.
  • The system comes as standard with a single, five-litre 316 stainless steel vessel for drying or concentrating product. This has detachable handles and is easily lifted into and out of the evaporator.
  • Access to the dried or concentrated product in the vessel is very easy. Dried products can be scooped out or, where enhanced user protection is needed, re-dissolved while the vessel is still in the system.
  • Liquid products can be easily drained via a drain port in the side of the rotor, using a dedicated pouring stand.
  • Users wishing to dry volumes larger than five litres require the ‘Autofeed’ option, which enables the Rocket 4D to draw in product from an external supply. The Rocket 4D controls product feed, drying and the discharge of condensed waste solvent without any external intervention.
  • The Autofeed system has an integrated rinse circuit that enables dried products to be automatically re-dissolved in a small volume of solvent at the end of the process. Alternatively, the same circuit can be used under manual control for solvent exchange by selecting a different solvent for re-dissolve.
  • Cleaning the Rocket 4D between cycles is very straightforward. The PTFE feed tubing is easily detached for cleaning or replacement and the vessel can be cleaned, wiped, inspected and even put in a dishwasher.
  • The Rocket 4D includes powerful cold traps that maximise solvent recovery, protecting the environment and improving drying of samples.

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