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Sir William Bentley Billiards is using the Gast Group’s latest rocking piston in a mechanism that raises and lowers the height of a dual-purpose dining/games table by 5.5in.

The tables, which are built to order, can be supplied in any style from traditional rosewood and refectory-style antique oak, to a contemporary metal finish.

Several tables have already been completed and delivered to Belgravia Square in London, UK, as well as Switzerland and the Royal Palace in Saudi Arabia.

The company’s latest dual-purpose table design, which is supplied with hidden leaf retainers, removable tongue-and-groove tops and one-piece cushions, combines a full-size billiards table with a dining table.

It uses Gast’s 82R rocking piston and an air receiver to raise and lower the height of the 1.5-tonne table between play and dining height in just 30s.

‘We have been developing manually operated, fixed-height, rollover and dual-purpose tables for many years, but what was missing from our portfolio were tables operated by compressed air,’ said Travers Nettleton, managing director, Sir William Bentley Billiards.

This latest project results from the recent appointment of Plymouth and Cardiff-based Applied Automation and its X-STK Industrial Control and Automation equipment division to the Gast Group’s distributor network.

‘Thanks to the product training we received from the Gast Group, we were able to assist Sir William Bentley Billiards with full specification and application advice,’ said David Rowe, managing director, Applied Automation.

Gast’s 82R oil-less rocking piston is powered by an AC motor and is available with air flow rates to 6.6m3/h, vacuum capacities to 200 mbar and pressures up to seven bar.

Outputs range from 0 0.25 to 0.37kW (1/4 to 1/2HP).

Other features include a simple O-ring cylinder head seal to reduce service time as well as better cooling qualities on the compressor head and exhaust air temperature reduction.

The Gast Group claims that compared to many rocking pistons, the 82R provides up to 27 per cent better performance at maximum duties, 47 per cent higher power efficiency and 29 per cent less ampere load.

Since 1921, Gast Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing quality air-moving products. Our vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and Smart Air technology meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end users worldwide. For industrial manufacturing, healthcare lab or environmental clean-up applications, Gast provides a full range of ideally suited and cost-effective solutions to any pneumatic problem.

In 1998, Gast was acquired by IDEX Corporation and is part of the IDEX Health Science Technologies segment. IDEX, an acronym for innovation, diversity and excellence, manufactures proprietary pump products, dispensing equipment and other engineered products for a variety of global markets.

In 2006, Gast Manufacturing acquired Jun-Air, the leading provider of quiet compressors for laboratories, dental clinics, medical, beverage, graphic and industrial applications worldwide. As a result, its customers can take advantage of the broad product portfolios of both companies to solve their application requirements from the component level through complete compressor solutions.

Since the introduction of its first compressor in 1958, Jun-Air has become a leading supplier of quiet air compressors used in laboratories, dental clinics, medical, beverage, graphic and industrial applications worldwide. Its products include a full range of standard and customised compressors and cabinets. Continuous development of products and production facilities helps maintain Jun-Air’s enviable reputation for quality and reliability among more than half a million satisfied customers.

Jun-Air products are now sold and supported in more than 100 countries through subsidiaries and distributors. As an international company, Jun-Air is concerned about the world environment. It strives to make products that offer environmental benefits such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through reduced energy consumption. Over the years it has introduced a number of improvements, resulting in the most energy-efficient compressors on the market.

Gast is an international supplier with manufacturing and logistical facilities located regionally in support of global customers. It is committed to conforming to global manufacturing standards in the areas of health, safety, environmental and consumer protection.

Gast is proud of its 90-year history of leadership in the design and manufacture of high-quality air-moving products. It is even more proud of the positive impact it makes on its customers' products. Achieving a leadership position in a complex industry is not a simple task. Gast has done it by adhering to some simple principles: understanding the industry better than anyone else, making better products than anyone else and serving the customer better than anyone else.

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