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Rockwell Automation has released Factorytalk Historian Machine Edition v2.2 software, which is designed to help manufacturers gain enhanced visibility into production operations.

Factorytalk Historian Machine Edition (ME) v2.2 offers native connectivity to the OSIsoft PI system.

With this new release, PI system users who employ Allen-Bradley Controllogix controllers from Rockwell Automation now have an off-the-shelf, machine-level historian application that can easily transfer historical data to their on-site or enterprise-wide PI system.

This native connectivity means Factorytalk Historian ME can automatically communicate with the PI system, allowing users to easily integrate their PI system with Rockwell Automation products to access a new level of visibility into production operations.

Such scalable historian applications allow manufacturers to rapidly tap into manufacturing intelligence and make process improvements by leveraging granular, real-time and historical production data to improve product quality, speed time-to-market and support regulatory compliance.

Factorytalk Historian applications build on technology licensed from OSIsoft and include additional capabilities in the Factorytalk software suite to provide premier integration with the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture.

Rockwell Automation designed the Factorytalk Historian ME application to work as a standalone, rack-mounted historian or to roll up into a larger plant or enterprise historian system.

Data is accessible from different locations where users can view and analyse role-appropriate historical information.

Frank Kulaszewicz, senior vice-president – architecture and software at Rockwell Automation, said: ‘Integrating data from a machine-level historian with data from a plant-level historian allows operators to locate and correct sources of inefficiencies more quickly to improve manufacturing consistency, energy use and first-pass quality.

‘Through its added connectivity to the PI system, Factorytalk Historian ME can now feed historical production information to more systems adding additional value for customers whether they are using Factorytalk Historian Site Edition or the PI system.

‘A plug-and-play historian that automatically configures with existing equipment and feeds additional and more granular data into these systems is a cost-effective way to gather more actionable manufacturing data to improve operations,’ Kulaszewicz added.

With a modular historian, manufacturers can collect data in remote or hazardous locations and when speed and reliability is important, such as oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical or water treatment applications.

In addition, machine builders can apply Factorytalk Historian ME to pre-qualify the data collection of their machines, reducing the time required for on-site installation, configuration and validation efforts.

In highly regulated industries, the application is said to help machine builders provide continuous uptime and reliability.

Because a machine-level historian is directly connected to the application controller, network connections are not necessary to data collection.

As long as the system has a power supply, data gathering is assured.

Ron Kolz, senior vice-president of sales and business development at OSIsoft, said: ‘Factorytalk Historian ME v2.2 is a logical extension of the PI system infrastructure.

‘This new release ensures smooth and flexible data collection for the PI system and is a solution that will ultimately provide users with better access to their operational data,’ he added.

Users also have more control over when data is transferred, which can save time and reduce costs.

Transferring data can be expensive and every communications medium has usage limits.

A machine-level historian can be programmed to transmit data to avoid peak-usage hours, or can remotely directed to halt and recommence transfer if vital information needs to be prioritised.

Once communication is re-established, information from the period of isolation is immediately accessible.

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