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Rockwell Automation has launched two Allen-Bradley Controllogix controllers that meet control demands for high-performance logic and motion and information-intensive process applications.

The Controllogix L73 and L75 programmable automation controllers (PACs) leverage the single design environment and networking protocol within the company’s Integrated Architecture system.

They provide advanced memory, speed and processing capabilities for a range of control demands.

Frank Kulaszewicz, vice-president and general manager of the Control and Visualization business at Rockwell Automation, said: ‘The Integrated Architecture system is designed to help customers minimise cost, improve the flow of business and manufacturing data and ultimately move towards plant-wide optimisation.

‘As part of that system, these new PACs have enhanced memory and processing capabilities that help improve production rates, boost overall equipment effectiveness and provide more timely data for improved decision-making capabilities,’ he added.

For complex, high-performance motion applications, the Controllogix L73 and L75 PACs interface with motion drives through Ethernet/IP and Sercos network interfaces.

The controllers are capable of supporting as many as 100 axes, further simplifying the synchronisation of complex motion applications.

Craig Resnick, research director of the ARC Advisory Group, said: ‘PACs, such as the Controllogix L73 and L75 controllers, lower the lifecycle costs and total cost of ownership for manufacturers by enabling a multidiscipline control system.

‘In addition, they help manufacturers optimise communications based on industry-standard network protocols, which removes additional barriers to collaboration and integration,’ he added.

The 1Gb secure digital card that is supplied with each controller provides improved data integrity and faster reads and writes than previous Compactflash technology, according to the company.

The Controllogix L73 PAC is intended for users requiring up to 16Mb of memory, while the Controllogix L75 PAC offers 32Mb of memory.

New energy storage modules that are supplied with each controller eliminate the need for lithium batteries, helping users to avoid the maintenance and environmental issues associated with transporting and disposing of batteries.

A USB port provides faster uploads and downloads, firmware upgrades and online edits.

The controllers feature an onboard display to provide enhanced controller diagnostics and runtime information.

Both models are currently available for shipping.

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