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Rockwell Software’s Factorytalk Vantagepoint allows end users to self-configure rich web-based dashboards, trends and reports without expensive and time-consuming support-resources.

Factorytalk Vantagepoint software leverages the Factorytalk service-oriented architecture and technology acquired through the company’s purchase of Incuity Software to deliver automatic access to valuable production information from Rockwell Automation and third-party systems.

Through a familiar internet browser, Microsoft Office user-interfaces and pre-defined connectors to third-party systems, Factorytalk Vantagepoint users can install and configure their systems with minimal technical support.

This immediate access to actionable insight allows all employees to better monitor and manage productivity and exercise more control over high-profile operations such as energy efficiency or global supply-chain execution.

Providing cohesive access to information on-demand in an intuitive, easier-to-use format improves decision-support in all aspects of the manufacturing environment, from inventory to maintenance, production to quality and up through the enterprise and supply-chain planning.

In a 2008 report, AMR Research highlighted the value of integrating Incuity technology into the Factorytalk suite.

It said: ‘IncuityEMI provides an extremely flexible, extensible data-modelling framework that captures and maintains complex relationships between a virtually unconstrained set of data sources.

‘In fact, you can find IncuityEMI today in oil and gas, energy management, food production and facilities asset management scenarios.

‘There it is contextualising data from ERP, MES, Lims and CMMS systems along with time-series data from historians such as OSIsoft’s PI and Aspentech’s IP.21, and, in many cases, doing this across multiple facilities.’ The Factorytalk Vantagepoint application is offered in multiple versions, allowing manufacturers to select the most appropriate feature-set.

Factorytalk Vantagepoint Line Edition (LE) combines data produced by the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture with other third-party production systems.

It includes standard pre-configured reports for managing devices, equipment, alarms, events and control loops, as well as batch- or production-run and shift-reports.

The application also includes trending and dashboard capabilities to support powerful analysis.

It uses Microsoft Excel for easier report-generation.

The Factorytalk Vantagepoint LE application features third-party connectors that address native and OPC DA real-time devices, OPC HDA historians, as well as Wonderware IndustrialSQL Server Historian, GE Proficy Historian and OSI PI Historian.

Rockwell Automation will soon be releasing Factorytalk Vantagepoint Enterprise Edition, a more comprehensive version designed to aggregate and analyse data from multiple enterprise systems, production lines or facilities.

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