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NSF H1-registered lubricants from Rocol are helping pharmaceutical manufacturers avoid the risk of contamination by enabling the implementation of safe maintenance programmes throughout their plants.

Rocol has implemented the lubrication solution for one of the pharmaceutical industry’s largest producers, helping it to eliminate a contamination risk on a tablet press that punches tablet packs using 55 rotating heads.

This range has been developed in response to a requirement for a solution that leaves maintenance teams 100 per cent confident that only NSF H1-registered lubricants are being used to lubricate the tablet press in the right quantities.

Rocol developed a range of single-use bespoke lubricant sachets for the machinery, each containing the right type of Foodlube lubricant for the application.

The tamper-proof sachets feature a directional tear-off nozzle and contain the correct amount of lubricant to avoid the risk of excessive lubrication.

Paul King, the company’s technical manager, delivered a presentation on this subject at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers conference, during which he provided insights into how pharmaceutical manufacturers can optimise safety.

He said: ‘Our off-the-shelf lubricant range provides solutions for the most widely used applications and processes in the pharmaceutical industry and this is supplemented where required with bespoke lubricants formulated in house.

‘This ensures we can cover the whole plant with risk-free, safety-assured lubrication solutions,’ he added.

Rocol provides lubricants for a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturing applications including mixers, coaters, blister machines and tablet presses.

All products are from its Foodlube range and are NSF H1 registered, which means they are independently certified as safe for use in clean industries.

A brochure providing maintenance engineers in the pharmaceutical industry with guidance on how to optimise their plant safety, reliability and service life has just been published by the company.

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