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Volume subcontract machinist Rodmatic has opened an office in Southern India to provide an international link for medium-sized manufacturing companies.

As part of the service, Rodmatic will ensure complete security of supply, enabling the companies taking part to compete on cost with larger OEM-type operations.

Several of Rodmatic’s customers are involved in global supply as part of their production strategy and have fed back how many purchasing agencies lack local expertise with an understanding and knowledge of the main aspects of production and especially when linked with logistics and ongoing support.

The team will vet supplier capability and production standards, monitor supply, perform independent quality assessments and fully co-ordinate projects.

Between the UK management team at Rodmatic Limited in Reading and Chennai, the operation will take responsibility for material sourcing, quality, security of supply through a network of reputable companies, freight, customs and tariffs.

It has access to full CAD-to-CAM resource and communication networks between the source of supply and the UK.

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