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Rofin is currently displaying its laser technology for welding and marking at Medica 2009 in Dusseldorf, until 21 November.

For example, it is showing the current version of the Starweld Select laser-welding system.

The latest developments include enhanced joystick features and direct integration with the CNC control, making the operation of the system even easier and more comfortable for the user.

The Starweld Select can be used as an ergonomically optimised manual welding laser, a joystick-controlled deposit welder or a high-precision CNC system with four axes.

These options provide a high degree of flexibility for welding applications on medical-device components.

The micro-welding option allows welding spot diameters of smaller than 0.1mm to be achieved.

Reliable process validation is crucial for quality management in medical-device production.

The Starweld Select laser system with CNC control meets these requirements by ensuring repeatable processing and accuracy.

All programs that contain the welding parameters for the application are protected against unauthorised changes and modification.

Features such as Intelligent Pulse Management guarantee excellent pulse stability, even with smallest pulse energies, providing reproducible results without power fluctuation.

The integrated FTP server uses an Ethernet connection to save and administer all log file data on a central computer.

This includes the results of a laser power measurement before and after the welding process.

The Starcut Tube 2+2 offers up to four servo-driven axes and can be used to create various cutting geometries, including off-axis cuts, enabling the system to process oval or rectangular tubes.

These features allow the Starcut Tube 2+2 to operate in a variety of application areas beyond traditional stent cutting.

In addition, while stent cutting typically takes minutes, other components can be processed in seconds.

To ensure optimum machine utilisation, Rofin is offering an optional automatic tube loader.

This system includes a magazine for up 50 tubes with a maximum length of 3m.

With finished components and off-cuts being deposited in separate trays, the Starcut Tube and its automatic tube-loading system can be configured for several hours of lights-out production.

The Easymark series has a footprint of only 600 x 600mm, making it one of the most compact and complete laser-marking solutions available.

The Easymark series can quickly generate perfect biocompatible markings on most metal and plastic surfaces.

The laser requires only one single-phase power supply and does not require external cooling or additional services.

The Visual Laser Marker control (VLM) software allows the user to design and transfer information to be marked, including standard fixed text elements (all True Type fonts can be used), consecutive numbering, logos and graphics.

Rofin-Baasel UK Ltd is the UK sales and support subsidiary of Rofin Sinar Technologies Inc, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial lasers and is quoted on the USA NASDAQ stock exchange. Rofin makes lasers and laser systems for marking, welding, cutting, drilling and perforating and offers sources and solutions across all the main industrial laser technologies CO2, solid state and fibre lasers. Our lasers are employed in most manufacturing markets to give customers unprecedented results in terms of quality and throughput. We have over 30,000 installations in industries such as medical device, electronics, automotive, jewellery, tool and mould, aerospace and solar power. Examples demonstrating the range of capabilities of Rofin lasers include: * In-line packaging material manufacturers use our lasers to create ‘easy open’ perforated lines in packaging. * High street jewellers buy our microwelding workstations to make and repair jewellery. * Surgical tool and implant manufacturers produce clean and permanent identification marks on their products with Rofin markers. * Photovoltaic customers rely on laser operations from scribing to drilling to make solar panels and wafers. Rofin-Baasel welcomes the opportunity to show customers what lasers can do for them.

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