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Rogers Corporation has announced a recent improvement to the Poron Soft Seal Series in the form of enhanced surface toughness.

Poron Soft Seal urethanes are the lowest density Poron product and are designed to provide superior compressibility, conformability and dust sealing over the life of the product.

When used for display gaskets within hand-held electronics, Poron Soft Seal materials are often paired with a removable adhesive cover liner during processing and assembly.

In the past, the delicate nature of Poron Soft Seal required careful selection of removable adhesive cover liners in order to prevent the foam from tearing when the liner was removed.

The increased surface strength of the Improved Poron Soft Seal materials addresses this issue and allows it to be used in a wide range of applications and with a wide range of cover liners without compromising the design.

Rogers has increased the surface strength of Poron Soft Seal materials, thereby allowing for improved yields and ease of processing.

Extensive testing shows that even when an aggressive adhesive tape is removed, the amount of foam tear is reduced when using Improved Poron Soft Seal Series materials.

Improved Poron Soft Seal materials maintain the same superior properties as before – excellent compressibility and conformability, long-term protection and sealing, chemical resistance, and the ability to function across a wide range of temperatures, according to Rogers.

Poron Soft Seal materials provide premium softness and high compressibility, allowing them to fill gaps as small as 0.2mm while still maintaining a low closure force.

Soft Seal urethanes effectively conform to curves and provide extra-tight seals, making them suitable for ultra-thin device applications.

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