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Rogers Corporation’s Advanced Circuit Materials Division (ACMD) will be exhibiting RO4000, RO2808 and Ultralam 3000 high-performance laminates at the IMAPS Device Packaging show on 10-11 March.

RO4000, RO2808 and Ultralam 3000 laminates can be used in a wide range of applications such as high-performance chip carrier substrate, high-speed network transport gear and high-speed data transmission used in high-speed computing, telecommunications and wireless.

RO2808 is a ceramic-filled PTFE material with a dielectric constant of 7.6, which offers the stability and high-frequency performance of LTCC.

RO2808 material has a low loss tangent of 0.002 or less, and can be supplied as 1mm-thick boards to support low-profile designs.

It also features high moisture resistance and high reliability.

RO4000 laminate is used in the power amplifier market, with outstanding electrical and mechanical properties, said Rogers.

RO4000 laminate exhibits low z-axis expansion, making it suitable for high-frequency applications in which plated through-hole reliability is important.

Ultralam 3000 Series LCP circuit material is a thin double-clad copper laminate, characterised by low and stable dielectric constant (2.9) and dielectric loss.

It has very low moisture absorption (

Ultralam 3000 Series laminates are used for high-frequency micro-miniaturisation applications, sensors, antennas and high-speed flip-chip designs.

Ultralam 3000 can be used with Ultralam 3908 bonding film for multi-layer constructions.

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