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Roland DG Corporation has announced the launch of its latest 3D laser scanners, the LPX-60/600/1200 DS (design scanner) series and the LPX-60 /600/1200 RE (reverse engineering) series.

The LPX-60/600/1200 DS features the EZ Studio and Dr Picza 3 scan control software that scans objects to generate 3D data at the touch of a button.

Users can include 3D data in daily research and business activities.

For example, research results can be presented with 3D image models and object databases can be compiled with 3D images.

It is also possible to use original models and create CG images from the scanned 3D data.

There are three models to choose from in the DS range: the LPX-600DS for large, versatile scanning capacity; the LPX-1200DS for high-resolution detailed scanning; and the LPX-60DS for compact scanning.

Users can control the entire scanning process with the touch of a button.

The scanner automatically eliminates extra polygons and fills holes for smooth, watertight mesh surface models.

LPX scans can be saved in a range of 3D CAD formats, including STL (stereo lithography), GSF (geometry systems native file format), 3DM (rhinoceros file format) and PIX (Roland Picza format).

The LPX-60/600/1200 RE series features Pixform ProII (reverse engineering software) that converts scanned data into editable 3D CAD models.

These 3D scanners can help incorporate design details that are otherwise difficult to create on computers.

They can generate CAD models from existing parts or partial models.

There are three models in the RE range: the LPX-600RE for large, versatile scanning capacity; the LPX-1200RE for high-resolution detailed scanning; and the LPX-60RE for compact scanning.

The scanners generate high-quality parametric solid and surface CAD compatible models and feature a user-friendly interface similar to major CAD applications.

They can show deviation analysis between scanned data and finished part using the Accuracy Analyzer feature and can export models directly to CAD, with modelling history.

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