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Nu-Star has revealed how Rollalong has upgraded its fleet of Power Pushers to Super Pushers to better handle its larger modular/volumetric buildings and portable accommodation units.

Rollalong manufactures and supplies a range of market sectors including defence, social housing, Ministry of Justice, schools, and railways.

During the manufacturing process, which operates as a flow line, each building is mounted on up to eight heavy-duty swivel castors and progresses through each manufacturing cell as it steadily reaches completion.

The final product, gaining weight as it goes, culminates in excess of 13 tonnes.

Rollalong first contacted Nu-Star in 2003 when it was looking for a solution to eliminate the use of fork-lift trucks in the production area and improve workforce health and safety.

During 2003 and 2004, Rollalong purchased four Power Pushers to move buildings along the production line and two Power Pushers for towing the wall panels from the sub-assembly workshop into the main production area.

In addition to the cost savings, productivity and health and safety benefits obtained by using the Power Pushers, Rollalong was able to free-up valuable additional space on the shop-floor, which has been used to increase capacity.

The Power Pushers have been in constant use over the subsequent four years and have run trouble-free with little or no maintenance.

Over time, the industry demand for buildings that Rollalong manufactures has changed to bigger and heavier units.

This enables larger projects to be completed more quickly, obviously the bigger the module, the less of them there are and the faster the on-site completion time.

Some modules have such a high anti-terrorist rating that it is not uncommon for them to be sheeted in more than 4mm of steel, presenting even more challenges in movement.

As a result of continuous improvement initiatives to aid manufacture of these larger products, Rollalong has changed its site’s layout and started a programme of capital investment to further improve on efficiencies in space and speed of production.

In October 2008, Mark Loader, manufacturing support manager at Rollalong, contacted Nu-Star and asked for a demonstration of the more powerful Super Pusher.

Following a demonstration and trial, Tim Woodley, operations director at Rollalong, said: ‘The key to continuous improvement is elimination of waste in all areas.

‘For example, the more space we waste between units, the less we can get in a building, the larger the site we need for the same output, the more heating and so on.

‘To gain this advantage creates an enormous challenge when positioning a 12-tonne building, inch perfect, with the manoeuvrability of a supermarket trolley.

‘The Super Pushers worked perfectly during the demonstration, handling the biggest of our buildings with ease.

‘We were impressed with the amount of torque available at very low speeds.’ He added: ‘We elected to add the optional audible motion bleepers on the Super Pushers, as health and safety is essential in our selection of equipment.

‘The beepers are loud and can be set so they cannot be disabled.

‘Anyone on the production line now cannot help but be aware that the Super Pushers are moving the buildings.’

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