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Romaco Frymakoruma will exhibit processing machines and mills, which grind, mix and homogenise according to the rotor-stator principle, at Achema 2009 in Frankfurt am Main on 11-15 May.

At the centre of the company’s presentation (in Hall 6.0, Booth B40-C41) will be the Coball MS 18 annular gap bead mill.

This inline mill is used for the fine grinding of chemical and pharmaceutical products down to the nano range.

Products can be changed quickly and with minimal product loss.

Romaco Frymakoruma is also presenting the Dinex 200 vacuum process machine for the manufacturing of liquids and semi-solids.

The product optionally circulates through an internal or external recirculation line, which facilitates variable batch sizes.

The Coball MS 18 annular gap bead mill is used for the fine grinding and dispersing of liquid to highly viscous products.

The inline mill has a product throughput of 10 litres to 80 litres per hour and achieves particle sizes down to the nano range.

The system is equipped with a conical grinding gap, which is 80 per cent filled with grinding beads.

All milling tools are available in designs with different materials and coatings, making it possible to process individual raw materials in a product-specific way.

With a width of 6.5mm to 13mm, the conical mill gap is relatively narrow, which allows a high shear energy deposit of 6MW/m3 to 8MW/m3 of mill space volume.

The rapidly rotating rotor accelerates the grinding beads, so that the shear force on the product continually increases.

This leads to progressive pulverisation of the particles.

The energy generated is regulated through the largest possible heat exchange surfaces on the rotor and stator elements.

Optimal cooling is essential, particularly in processing temperature-sensitive products.

The grinding beads remain in the interior of the mill during milling and the subsequent cleaning process.

During product discharge, they are separated from the product flow through a separation gap and passed back to the product input area through special return conduits.

Coball mill technology generates an accurately controllable flow configuration of the grinding chamber.

Each product element takes the same route through the milling gap and is subjected to the same grinding mechanisms.

Particular attention has been paid to the elimination of dead space in the design of the mill interior.

Aseptic O-ring seals additionally prevent the formation of concealed deposits and thus contamination of subsequent batches.

Fully automatic ‘cleaning in place’ (CIP) is significantly accelerated thanks to the smooth surfaces of the components.

The Coball MS 18 offers absolute process security and combines high product quality with increased productivity, according to the company.

The Dinex 200 vacuum processing plant is used in the production of liquid and semi-solid emulsions and suspensions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The high tangential speed of the rotor generates extreme shearing forces against the simultaneous counter-forces of the stator.

These forces achieve optimum dispersal along with a fine distribution of particles in the micrometer range and below.

Depending on the application, the stator can be optionally moved out in order to flexibly control the application of shearing energies.

This provides high pump performance with simultaneous gentle circulation of the product mass.

The product components are sucked directly into the mixing zone of the homogeniser and are immediately homogenised.

Both dry and liquid components can be supplied in up to five different product feeds.

The product is then fed into the tank, either through an internal (short-loop) or external (long-loop) recirculation line.

The short route through the short loop is used in the production of small batch sizes and for processing products with a high proportion of soap.

This prevents serious foam formation during the production process.

Very large preparations can also be processed quickly and effectively through the long loop, where the contra-directional stripper stirrer in the tank provides macro-mixing.

The plant also meets all of the conditions for installation in zones at risk of explosion, as well as for sterile production in clean rooms.

The Dinex processing plant covers a broad spectrum in the manufacture of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, body-care and medicinal products.

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