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A company specialising in the maintenance, repair and rebuilding of landing gear brake and hydraulic systems has invested in a shot peening system from Rosler.

The Rosler blast system is used for peening around 10 different wheel and brake components utilising ceramic media type Z 300 and Z 425.

A sophisticated parts load and unload system minimises idle production times.

An integrated swing table is incorporated and is monitored and controlled by optical sensors.

This design allows for the peening of one part, while another part is being unloaded or loaded.

A component fixture allows the clamping of parts onto the rotary table with dimensions from 500 to 1,000mm.

Depending on the size of the part to be processed the operator selects a specific processing programme on the PLC that automatically adapts the peening process to the part’s size, avoiding setup times.

The peening takes place with six robot-guided air-blast guns for an all-round coverage of the surface of the rotating part.

The media quantity flowing through the blast guns is constantly monitored by flow sensors.

To save floor space, the design of the peening system consists of two levels.

A sound enclosing cabin keeps noise emissions at a minimum.

This design allows access to all areas requiring maintenance, for example, the blast cabin, the two media pressure vessels, the media classification screens and the media separators.

The Rosler system is equipped with a process controller that supervises and documents the entire peening process and a large screen displays the process parameters in visualised form.

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