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Rotalink’s new Heavy Case (HC) motors are suitable for use in medical devices, laboratory equipment, automation machinery and industrial production and testing.

They are said to be ideal for use where smooth and accurate speed control needs to be combined with smooth acceleration at a competitive cost.

The HC motors, which feature low-inertia skewed rotors with minimal detent torque, complement the company’s range of standard brushed DC motors with a design that includes precision ball bearings and a heavier case construction, offering added durability, improved overload and enhanced heat dissipation.

These characteristics are claimed to result in increased duty and a longer-than-average motor life.

Rotalink’s portfolio includes planetary and spur gearboxes in a choice of output torque ratings that feature standard or ultra-polymer gears on sintered or ball bearings.

For a high torque output in very compact designs, the company manufactures a range of ovoid-style gearboxes that combine spur- and planetary-gear stages using ultra-polymer materials that will provide up to 28Nm peak torque in a gearbox case that measures just 95 x 60 x 31.5mm in depth.

Rotalink also manufactures incremental- and absolute-encoder feedback devices with space-saving designs that can be adapted into applications for speed control and position feedback, together with motion controls such as the Red Drive, a DC motor drive available in brushed and brushless DC control version, offering a drag-and-drop flow-chart programming language for motion control and combined TTL logic input/output (I/O).

The HC motors are covered in Rotalink’s new and revised catalogue, along with new rare-earth and brushless DC motor ranges and several new gearbox lines.

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