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The Hardinge DD100 high-speed, direct-drive rotary table is designed to provide super-precision indexing for the medical and aerospace industries.

The high-speed parts positioner has +/-3 arc-sec accuracy and four arc-sec repeatability.

The DD100 is capable of spindle speeds up to 4,200 degrees-per-second and up to 600rpm continuous rotation.

The Hardinge A2-4 spindle nose accepts standard 5C tooling, when used with a collet closer, to provide high-precision gripping of many part shapes, sizes and materials.

The 5C gripping options include collets, expanding collets, step chucks for larger part diameters, jaw chucks and fixture plates.

Hardinge direct-drive rotary tables have a design consisting of a housing, bearings, encoder and spindle.

There are far fewer parts and no gears to wear.

A rare-earth, permanent-magnet DC torque motor is wrapped around the spindle and operates with a programmed gear ratio of one to one.

The encoder is mounted directly to the spindle to provide super-precision position feedback.

Direct-drive technology is a more efficient way to convert electrical energy directly into mechanical motion.

The cross-roller spindle bearing is permanently lubricated for life.

As the direct-drive torque motor has no mechanical gearing, there is no backlash.

Since there is no backlash, bi-directional movement can be made without the need to compensate for backlash error.

Hardinge systems guarantee a maximum run-out of two ten-thousandths total indicator reading.

The standard DD100 rotary package utilises the Hardinge direct-drive all-digital servo control and can be used with most any machine.

However, the unit is most productive as a true fourth axis.

In this case, the unit is directly connected to the machine, fully operating with the other axes.

Hardinge’s direct-drive technology complements machines that have faster axis travel and is compatible with ‘look-ahead’ programming when integrated as a fourth axis to the machine.

These units are suitable for large part runs on a dedicated machine producing a family of similar parts.

Three models of the DD100 are available up to a 305mm rotary table size.

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