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Rotech Machines offers a number of embossing services to provide distinctive marks on a product or surface.

Embossing is the procedure by which the substrate surface is pushed forward/backwards using an embossing/debossing die to cause a raised/depressed image.

There are several different types of embossing techniques.

A blind emboss is one that is not stamped over a printed image or with a foil.

The colour of the embossed image is the same as the colour of the surface.

It can also be called a self emboss or same colour embossing.

In a single-level emboss, the image area is raised to just one flat level.

In a multi-level emboss, the image area is raised to multiple levels having different depths.

This gives the embossed image texture and added relief and makes it all the more interesting.

In a printed emboss, the embossed area registers with a printed image.

Depending on customer requirements and specifications, the bevel can stay inside the printed image or go outside it.

The combo emboss refers to an embossed image that is also foil stamped.

Debossing refers to when the surface is depressed instead of raised.

Rotech can offer an embossing technique to suit specific requirements.

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