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Rotech Laboratories has optimised its investment in a Winlims rental solution from Quality Systems International by linking the Winlims software with the laboratory’s Sage accounting software.

The development will improve the efficiency and customer service levels of the organisation’s metallurgical testing and consultancy services by enabling data to be updated across Rotech’s administrative and financial systems.

Rotech’s services primarily support companies operating in the energy and power, fasteners, automotive and general engineering sectors.

Its labs test a wide selection of engineering parts and components including castings, tubes and wires.

The laboratory is equipped to test all types of alloy, both ferrous and non-ferrous, and offers a 24-hour turnaround on urgent samples.

The business focuses on three major testing areas: chemical analysis and corrosion science, mechanical testing and metallurgy.

QSI installed Winlims at Rotech about 10 months ago, initially to support the laboratory’s chemical analysis service.

‘After we’ve finished in the chemical analysis area we are going to expand Winlims into all the other services we offer,’ said Richard Smith, the managing director of Rotech Laboratories.

Rotech uses the Winlims software to create 60 reports a week to support its chemical analysis service.

In total, Rotech generates 60 to 70 reports a day across the business in all disciplines.

It is planned that Winlims will generate reports for all services.

‘We are finding that more and more customers are requiring PDF reports and Rotech wants to produce more and more reports that can be sent electronically,’ added Smith.

‘Electronic report distribution is more cost-effective.

‘Our business process goes from enquiries, quotation, sample receipt, sample booking-in, sample preparation, sample test, sample result, sample report and invoicing, through to financial system update.

‘Once we are invoicing on our own and, most importantly, updating Sage, we will have completed the business cycle.’ Smith also believes one of the key benefits of Winlims is its ability to track and trace jobs and produce audit trails.

QSI’s Winlims rental solution provides out-of-the-box Lims software for a rental fee of a few hundred pounds a month for a three-user system.

Winlims rental is identical to QSI’s full Winlims system, and comes bundled with an installation program and tutorials to get users up and running as quickly as possible.

The rental agreements can be converted to a subscription contract or full purchase at any time.

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