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Holroyd Precision, part of the Precision Technologies (PTG), has announced a GBP2.4m order from a south-east Asian customer for a Holroyd 8EX rotor milling machine.

Due for delivery in February 2009, the 8EX machine has a swing of 900mm and will used for the production of screw rotors for the gas-processing industry.

Prior to placement of the order, the Precision Components Division of the PTG Group proved the machining process for the large screw rotors, by producing pilot batches for the customer.

The rotors, each one weighing more than six-tonnes, are manufactured from stainless steel to enable them to resist corrosion from the aggressive waste gases from a Styrene manufacturing process.

In addition to machining complex helical profiles on rotors and pump screws, the EX series machines are equally proficient at producing gear parts such as worm shafts.

In all their operations the machines deliver good performance and repeatability due to their build quality, high-speed dry milling technique and advanced technology, including on-machine probing.

They also improve productivity in all manufacturing environments, with a combination of high-speed operation, menu-driven Holroyd touch-screen control system (or optional Fanuc CNC), quick-change tooling, high-power spindles, rigidity and complete integration with automated parts-handling systems.

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