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Rotork electric valve actuators and two-wire digital control systems have been specified for a major plant upgrade at the Caltex Kurnell site in Sydney, Australia. The upgrade project involves conversion of the existing refinery site into an import terminal for the storage and distribution of petrol, diesel, jet fuel and fuel oil.

A large proportion of the 300 actuators involved are the latest IQ3 units, the third generation of Rotork’s non-intrusive intelligent electric actuator product range.

All the new actuators will be monitored and controlled by 10 hot-standby Rotork Pakscan P3 bus networks, which are designed specifically for the remote operation of valve actuators and the spacious environments associated with tank farms.

Many of the actuators will be supplied on new valves while a number are being retrofitted by Rotork Site Services Australia onto existing hand-operated valve installations. Retrofitting areas include the terminal berths, where IQ3 actuators are being used to motorise the double block and bleed manifold valves.

Key benefits of product application

  • The IQ3 offers new levels of functionality and asset management abilities for valve actuation. Advanced IQ data-logging and communication capabilities have been increased in response to the end users’ desire to access more data, both in the field and in the control room.
  • The IQ3’s large toughened-glass wide-angle indication window is the focus of attention for non-intrusive two-way wireless communication and multi-functional indication. The window provides positional and warning icon information, while actuator setup and operating menus along with detailed diagnostic and operational data screens are clearly displayed in dot-matrix format.
  • Diagnostic screens show the valve torque and usage profiles along with service logs, facilitating real-time analysis directly at the actuator.
  • A handheld setting tool with Bluetooth wireless technology enables the data from the actuators to be transferred to a PC for analysis using Rotork Insight2 diagnostic software. Valve maintenance requirements can be identified and anticipated, eliminating unplanned interruptions or over-cautious planned maintenance outages.
  • The IP68 watertight and temporarily submersible double-sealed enclosure is universal to all actuators, including those with explosion-proof certification, ensuring long-term reliable performance in the most challenging environments.
  • The Pakscan P3 digital control system is capable of monitoring and controlling up to 240 actuators without repeaters on a single highway with a length of up to 20km.
  • Pakscan combines high reliability and efficiency with low maintenance costs, incorporating secure field communications with built-in network redundancy to maintain control even in the event of equipment or cable failure.
  • At the P3 master station, current status and alarm indication is updated when data has changed, providing real-time status indication of every actuator on the network. Information includes torque profiling to provide an accurate indication of valve performance. Re-programming of individual actuator parameters can be performed at the master station or remotely via the host serial or Ethernet link.
  • An event logger captures and saves every major change in the status of the actuators, as well as recording all digital and analogue commands. Logged data is viewable at the master station or on web pages, where the data can also be stored for future asset management reference.

Rotork is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of actuators for isolating, regulating and modulating valve duties, valve control systems, valve gearboxes and accessories, serving the international oil and gas, power generation, water and effluent treatment, processing and environmental industries. Capabilities encompass actuators and control systems for new plants, plant extensions and upgrades. Rotork’s global network of more than 350 offices and representatives provides a localised single source for these products, supported by life-of-plant maintenance, repair and upgrade services.

Rotork Controls

  • Market-leading intelligent electric actuator technologies offer a solution to applications of virtually every description, size and complexity, in any environment

Rotork Fluid Systems

  • Dedicated to the design and manufacture of robust and advanced fluid power valve actuators

Rotork Gears

  • Provides an unrivalled service for valve gearboxes and accessories, completing Rotork’s status as the ‘one-stop shop’ for valve actuation and control equipment

Rotork Site Services

  • Offers expertise for the installation and commissioning of retrofitted valve actuators and control systems for plant upgrades and extensions
  • Services provided also encompass site surveys, actuator audits, maintenance, repair and advice on valve actuation equipment from any manufacturer

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