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Round Solutions, a supplier of components for machine-based digital communications, has introduced a free portal for telemetry applications.

The web server makes it possible to automatically upload and graphically present measurement data, such as data from weather stations.

Harald Naumann, technical director of Round Solutions, said: ‘With our server, yachtsmen, paragliders and wind surfers can keep up to date on weather conditions.

‘Temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and wind direction statistics can be culled from standard digital weather stations using RS-232 interfaces.

‘The information is then transmitted to the portal by the S3 Starter Kit.’ The kit is based on the Quad-Band-GSM module, which sends the measurement data to the server using GPRS technology and the HTTP protocol.

This module can be configured with Python, a free programming language.

After registering, the user has access to graphically illustrated measurement data, which can be viewed with a standard web browser.

Naumann added: ‘Our users help one another and as a result, very impressive solutions often emerge.’ For example, telemetry applications for electricity and gas meters and vending machines are available.

Naumann added: ‘In principle any sensor or any machine that delivers serial data can be used as an input.’

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