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The RW 420 Route Palette is designed to work with Motorola’s MC9500 industrial-grade mobile handheld device for route accounting, direct store delivery or field service and sales operations.

Designed to handle the harsh demands of mobile computing in the field, the RW 420 Route Palette has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP 42, making it resistant to certain environmental conditions, such as moisture, dust and dirt.

IP ratings are developed by the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization, specifying the environmental protection the enclosure provides.

With a lightweight shoulder strap and solid handle, mobile workers can carry the palette easily to customer visits – then cradle it on their arm like a painter’s palette as they enter data, print receipts, invoices and inventory pick tickets, eliminating the need to search for separate mobile devices attached to their belt.

The built-in DEX (Digital Exchange) interface allows for the worker to use the customers’ IT system and download data about the product that is being delivered, such as quantity and pricing.

It also allows for a quick settlement or reconciliation between the delivering company and the location receiving the product.

Both the printer and handheld computer can charge simultaneously via a single source.

The easy device release allows workers to use the printer and computer individually, minimising company downtime and spare pools.

Integrated feet let users stand the palette up while they type into the handheld or perform other tasks.

Separate versions of the RW 420 Route Palette are available to support the Motorola MC9500 series, MC909X-S, MC75 or MC-70 mobile computer.

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