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Rowe Hankins will exhibit its rolling stock products, which give greater rolling stock safety, reliability, efficiency and economy, at this year’s Railtex.

Rowe Hankins’s intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrications System (iWFL), developed jointly with REBS, contains triple positioning sensors and track memory to pinpoint where and how much lubrication to apply.

This saves on lubricant and increases safety by reducing track- and wheel-wear.

Environmental benefits include reduced rolling energy use and lower noise.

The RCBO for life protection, developed with Eaton Heinemann, is based on the familiar hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker technology to ensure precise protection irrespective of temperature and vibration.

Lethal incidents are rare, but a push button enables a trip condition to be simulated so that the RCBO can be periodically tested.

Units can be reset immediately.

Rowe Hankins’s I-Mag and Mag-T systems ensure precise train speed and distance monitoring.

The sensing devices’ measurement precision has been increased to allow the retrofitting of probes with a greater gap between the probe and target (typically the toothed flywheel in the gearbox) without affecting performance.

These units are tolerant of the dust, grease and vibration common to all classes of rail rolling-stock.

Rowe Hankins will also display DC Switchgear, Eaton Heinemann hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers and advanced OTMRs.

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