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Retroflo has introduced the RPC2000 pump control system, which offers pre-blockage detection, consent security, intelligent flushing cycles, periodic efficiency testing and asset data storage.

The RPC2000 system ensures pumps operate at optimum efficiency through continuous dynamic monitoring of the pump characteristics, over a range of wet well levels and pump speeds.

The Retroflo RPC2000 was designed for the water industry but can be utilised in industries such as oil and gas, paper, food and pharmaceuticals.

The RPC2000 optimises efficiency and improves the reliability and longevity of pumps.

It offers a 12 per cent energy saving and a Capex payback within 12 months.

The RPC2000 pre-blockage detection facility detects solids build-up on the pump impeller and initiates self-cleansing.

The Retroflo intelligent flushing cycle ensures wells are kept cleaner, alleviating solids settlement and septicity problems.

The system’s periodic pump efficiency testing monitors wear on pumps and alerts operators of maintenance issues should a pump begin to lose performance.

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