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Yokogawa Electric has released the Real-Time Production Organizer (RPO) suite of manufacturing execution system (MES) platform packages.

The RPO integrates the vertical production-execution workflow across departments and organises the work of decision-makers.

The RPO solves problems caused by barriers to communication between sections, which arise because of poor information integrity due to insufficient MES connectivity, information resolution gaps that cause misalignment between enterprise resource planning (ERP) and MES, and the lack of proper tools for closing loops in business-focused manufacturing.

Yokogawa based the RPO on Vigilantplant and the Centum VP platform.

The RPO is based on the ISA-95 manufacturing execution model.

It performs definition, dispatch, execution, analysis and tracking functions.

ISA-95 is the international standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems.

The standard allows Yokogawa to integrate ERP and MES cheaply and rapidly.

The RPO packages bring customers the benefits of business-oriented operations through shared information between planning and management, quick operation changes through co-operative operations, safe and stable operations through plant-wide monitoring and improved operator productivity.

RPO consists of five platform packages: Workflow Composer VP, Production Co-ordinator VP, Production Instructor VP, Production Supervisor VP and Production Tracker VP.

Each package supports a web service, making RPO ready for a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Users can introduce these packages in stages.

Workflow Composer VP standardises business work processes and organises their execution, supporting business process modelling notation (BPMN).

The Production Co-ordinator VP co-ordinates information for accurate scheduling, which provides an end-user computing (EUC) environment.

Production Instructor VP issues specific work orders for correct and prompt operation, supporting execution monitoring and analysis for identifying best practices.

Production Supervisor VP supervises real-time performance for quick action by key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring.

Web components on a role-based dashboard support drill-down analysis.

Production Tracker VP tracks high-resolution production information for accurate planning and generates production-accounting reports.

Delivery of Production Instructor VP and Production Supervisor VP will commence in the first quarter of fiscal year 2009.

Major target markets and applications are plant production and operation management in industries such as refining, petrochemicals, and chemicals.

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