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RPS Power Systems, an Ultralife company, has expanded its line of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries by introducing the LDT12-190FT battery (12V/190Ah front- terminal).

Through grid and plate optimisation, it offers an increased capacity of 190Ah in the same footprint as the 170Ah and 180Ah front-terminal batteries while providing network equipment building systems (NEBS) and Telcordia compliance.

The LDT12-190FT is optimised for long-duration (12-year design life) standby power requirements for telecommunication applications including fixed wireline, wireless, PBX systems, microwave, mobile switching systems, broadband head-end, fibre-optic distribution, electric utility/switchgear, data centres, and alternative energy.

As a complement to RPS’ existing line of long-duration telecom batteries that offer ample coverage for most cabinet sizes and application demands, the LDT12-190FT is available in modular, four-post and standard 19in and 23in rack power systems, meeting NEBS and UBC Seismic Zone 4 requirements.

It comes complete with carrying handles, features a three-part post-to-cover seal for service life integrity, copper alloy front terminals for ease of installation and maximum current-carrying capability, and is designed and manufactured in compliance with NEBS, Telcordia GR, Telcordia SR, IEC, BS, UL, ISO and CE quality and performance standards.

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