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RSA, a specialist in the cut-to-length production of tubes and sections and in preliminary preparation, presented three concepts aimed at reducing piece costs in tube processing at Tube 2010.

At the event, which was held in Dusseldorf on 12-16 April, the company first showcased two new sawing centres developed for a variety of applications.

The first concept is the Rasacut MXS sawing centre, which increases productivity by boosting output performance.

In triple cut, the sawing centre achieves an output of up to 11,000 pieces per hour, depending on the workpiece dimensions.

The sawing centre is designed for tube diameters of 6mm up to 20mm in a triple cut and 8mm up to 45mm in a single cut.

These dimensions can often be found in the automotive industry, with special demands on accuracy, surface quality and purity, according to the company.

Typical applications include line tubes and visible elements in the interior, such as headrest tubes.

The Rasacut MXS can be configured or expanded according to the requirements of the customer.

Modules are available for deburring or chamfering for 100 per cent control of the fixed lengths as well as for cleaning and stacking.

The feeding of the workpieces as well as the transfer to follow-up processes is effected via NC axes with speeds up to 5m/sec.

The reliable handling before, during and after the sawing process ensures an accuracy of +/-0.2mm and a careful treatment of the surfaces and, as a result, chrome plating can be carried out afterwards without any problems.

After sawing, each workpiece is processed and measured.

The second concept intended to reduce piece costs is the Rasacut EC sawing centre, which is targeted at companies that mass produce fixed lengths.

Within many companies, the daily number of pieces is on a level that is only suitable for bandsaws or semi-automatic circular saws.

Many companies of this size are unable to amortise investment costs for automated sawing centres over an acceptable period.

The Rasacut EC is said to solve this problem.

Round tubes measuring 8mm up to 80mm in diameter and rectangular tubes with a cross section of 10 x 15mm up to 70 x 80mm and a wall thickness between 1mm and 6mm are automatically singled from the tube bundle, fed to the saw and transferred to follow-up processing modules.

The fixed lengths of 20mm up to 3,000mm are sawn with an accuracy of +/-0.1mm.

The Rasacut EC is designed for a three-shift operation.

As a result of its construction, all aggregates stand for a high degree of consistency with regard to accuracy, cutting angle and the quality of the cut surface, according to RSA.

The company claims that the low-cost purchase price can be realised thanks to the standardised equipment of this product line.

Other RSA saw types are available for customised solutions.

The Rasacut EC can be modularly expanded with further processing steps.

The third concept presented at Tube 2010 related to the optimum interaction of machine and tool.

According to RSA, the most suitable saw blade, the specific tooth geometry and the right-cut parameters result in high productivity and quality.

The company can help customers understand this concept with a test production under realistic production conditions, free of charge, at its Ludenscheid plant.

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