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To protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD), L and A Container uses an RTP 100 Series conductive polypropylene compound to mould its Stat-Cons two-piece ESD-protective containers.

The material, from custom compounder RTP Company, dissipates the electrostatic charge before it can accumulate to dangerous levels, thus preventing product damage.

The containers are used to ship valuable components such as electronics parts, automotive airbag detonators and high explosives.

To ensure its finished containers meet specifications, L and A Container carefully checks every raw material it receives.

Ed Loritz, L and A Container’s vice-president of sales and marketing, said: ‘Our containers require a surface resistivity of 10E3 ohm/sq to 10E5ohm/sq to provide adequate ESD protection.

‘And compounds from RTP Company consistently meet our stringent requirements,’ he added.

The RTP 100 Series conductive polypropylene compound is used to manufacture Stat-Cons containers in a number of standard sizes, as well as custom containers for speciality applications.

L and A Container also manufactures a selection of other rigid plastic containers using RTP Company materials.

RTP Company

Your Global Compounder of Customer Engineered Thermoplastics

RTP Company’s private ownership allows our expert polymer engineers to be independent and unbiased as they select from 60+ engineering resins and 100’s of modifying additives to tailor a thermoplastic compound designed to meet your specific end-user requirements.

  • Conductive Static Dissipation
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Lubricated Wear Resistance
  • High Continuous Use Temperatures
  • UL Recognized Flammability
  • Soft-touch Overmoldable Elastometers
  • Special Color and Appearance Effects
Our speciality compounds provide multi-property solutions in a single material, reducing manufacturing costs and speeding time to market while providing the freedom necessary for product designers and engineers to realize their vision for applications spanning every major market segment.
If your in the process of application development, let RTP Company solve your material challenge by formulating a custom thermoplastic compound optimized to make your product a success – don’t compromise with another suppliers off-the-shelf ordering.

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