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RTP Company has revealed how a custom-developed laser-markable compound has enabled the development and production of an innovative cable tie tool. Manufacturer Hellermanntyton approached injection-moulding specialist New Berlin Plastics for help producing the tool.

The material for this project needed to be strong enough for the small teeth on the tool’s plastic tension knob and be able to be imprinted with a graduated number scale.

New Berlin Plastics worked with RTP to custom-engineer the laser-markable compound that met the tensile strength and printing requirements of the application.

After careful testing and evaluation, RTP developed a custom glass-fibre-reinforced RTP 600 series ABS compound that provided the required tensile strength for the cable tie tool’s tension knob. A matched RTP 6042 series thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) was then overmoulded on the knob to provide an ergonomic gripping surface.

The TPE compound was formulated to bond with the rigid ABS substrate for optimum product integrity.

RTP colourists added laser-marking additives and colorants selected for their compatibility with the ABS compound and the operational range of the laser being used. This allowed the laser to clearly ‘write’ an indelible, high-contrast white mark on the black plastic surface.

Benefits of product application

  • RTP’s custom laser-markable compound was seen as the best technology for the application, ahead of printing numbers directly onto the plastic, using in-mould decorating or attaching a printed adhesive sticker
  • Having worked with RTP before, New Berlin Plastics and Hellermanntyton knew the laser-markable plastics would meet the strength and other requirements that the application demanded
  • Laser marking the numeric scale avoided the time-consuming challenge of printing, the high scrap rates that would have been associated with in-mould decoration, and the physical challenge of precisely affixing a 0.25in-wide sticker
  • The laser-marked numbers are very durable and will hold up for the life of the product

RTP Company

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RTP Company’s private ownership allows our expert polymer engineers to be independent and unbiased as they select from 60+ engineering resins and 100’s of modifying additives to tailor a thermoplastic compound designed to meet your specific end-user requirements.

  • Conductive Static Dissipation
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Lubricated Wear Resistance
  • High Continuous Use Temperatures
  • UL Recognized Flammability
  • Soft-touch Overmoldable Elastometers
  • Special Color and Appearance Effects
Our speciality compounds provide multi-property solutions in a single material, reducing manufacturing costs and speeding time to market while providing the freedom necessary for product designers and engineers to realize their vision for applications spanning every major market segment.
If your in the process of application development, let RTP Company solve your material challenge by formulating a custom thermoplastic compound optimized to make your product a success – don’t compromise with another suppliers off-the-shelf ordering.

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