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RTP Company has formulated a polymeric-based colour masterbatch for a masonry paver system made of recycled materials produced by Vast Enterprises.

Vast Enterprises wanted to offer the construction industry a green alternative to conventional paving systems.

The company developed a composite masonry paver system made entirely of recycled tires and plastic bottles.

In order to overcome the extreme ‘blackness’ of the tires, however, an effective colouring method was needed to provide the pavers with the rich, natural earth tones of competitive materials.

Vast consulted with engineers at custom compounder RTP Company, who then formulated a polymeric-based colour masterbatch for the pavers.

Available in three standard colours, plus additional special order colours, the pavers are protected against colour fading and property degradation by a blend of stabilisers in the masterbatch.

‘Our product is designed for a long lasting, high-quality installation,’ said Troy Achterkirch, vice-president, engineering and operations for Vast.

‘RTP Company’s colour masterbatches are vital to that aspect of our product.

‘They pass our strict colour-match process, which makes for a very consistent end product,’ he added.

Vast’s composite masonry pavers are an alternative for those seeking LEED certification for green building projects.

The pavers are shipped with underlying grids, manufactured in the same composite of recycled materials as the blocks.

These grids are either 12in or 16in (30cm or 40cm) square depending on the size of the pavers chosen.

During installation, the grids allow paved surfaces to be put down quickly and permit easy positive alignment, further reducing labour costs.

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