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RTS Life Science has announced that a series of new software features have been added to the RTS Tube Auditor, a volume measurement solution for drug discovery and biobanking applications.

The RTS Tube Auditor, a high-speed non-contact solution for volume measurement and precipitate detection, improves screening quality, reduces costs and saves time, enabling screening and sample management groups to increase efficiency and improve their understanding of the quality of their samples.

New software features added to the system include the introduction of a four-step wizard-based calibration process that not only makes calibration easier and quicker but also improves the visibility of the resultant calibration and accuracy; additional user configurability options to improve audit traceability and to ease LIMS integration; and improved tube type auditing, enabling discrimination between empty or missing tubes and providing support for tubes containing mixing beads.

The RTS Tube Auditor is a bench-top instrument suitable for manual operation or integration into automated systems.

Its high-speed vision technology allows a full 96-way SBS tube rack to be audited in less than two minutes.

The system ensures complete sample safety and avoids the potential for sample degradation as there is no need to de-cap tubes during the auditing process.

The additional software functionality recently added to the Tube Auditor further enhances the cost-effective method of measuring liquid volume and detecting sample precipitate.

RTS Life Science

RTS Life Science 

RTS provides laboratory automation solutions for drug discovery and drug delivery applications.  One of the pioneers in automated sample management and with over 25 years experience, systems include: automated storage and retrieval, high throughput screening, blood fractionation, sample processing, automated inhaler and tablet testing for pharma, biotech, biobanking and academic institutions.

Automated Sample Management

Small to Large Scale Sample Management Solutions for both Compound and DNA Samples.  With over 15 years’ experience of pharmaceutical sample management, RTS supplies a comprehensive range of automated storage and retrieval products and solutions for small molecule drug discovery, biobanking and biorepositories. The RTS ‘A’ Range operates from ambient to -20ËšC and caters for small collections up to multi-million sample libraries. RTS is the leader in sample management, having developed the largest and fastest sample management system in the world; the world’s first automated DNA store and the only small-scale store built around robust industrial automation technology. 

Screening Solutions

Automated Products and Systems for Drug Discovery Applications Automation platforms and scheduling software specifically designed for high throughput screening (HTS) applications. Systems range from small ‘modular’ cells to large, custom, multi-cell solutions; all driven using our renowned and respected dynamic scheduling software (Sprint™). 

Biobanking Automation

Automated Systems for Sample Storage, Blood Fractionation and Biological Sample Processing.  Biobanks collect, store, process and distribute biological materials and associated data collected for basic science, biomedical and clinical research activities. Continuing to gain momentum globally, as more and more patient samples and clinical information are being stored, new technology is required to keep pace. In response to this growing demand, RTS’ biobanking solutions include: automated sample storage, blood fractionation and systems for biological fluid processing. 

Pharmaceutical Testing

Automated Systems for Quality Control and Analytical Testing Laboratories. A comprehensive range of inhaler testing automation products, for pMDI, mDPI and nasal spray devices, based on over 15 years’ experience at the forefront of large-scale, fully-automated content uniformity testing. Automation for tablet and capsule homogenisation, extraction and clarification for stability and impurity studies, assay and content uniformity testing, in pharmaceutical development and quality control laboratories.

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