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Rubber Industries has expanded its custom-moulding facilities for product designers requiring high-volume part production and fast deliveries.

Equipped with horizontal, 400 ton Maplan injection presses, Rubber Industries delivers high-volume quality parts that have automated demoulding features and run 24/7 operator free.

With up to 9.5lb shot capacity, these machines offer optimum temperature control, enabling the processing of standard and difficult custom compound formulations.

Issues such as moulded-component hardness, fluid resistance, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, shrinkage, elongation, modulus and cost are all addressed by the company’s moulding solutions.

Rubber Industries provides engineering assistance for product design and development.

Utilising the latest technical expertise and elastomeric chemistry, the company will analyse material needs and recommend a standard or custom-engineered material, meeting product designers’ objectives for component performance, colour, delivery and cost.

Rubber Industries specialises in precision custom moulding of rubber, thermoplastic, liquid injection-moulded parts and rubber-to-metal bonded parts.

It has complete injection, compression and transfer moulding facilities for parts in prototype to high-volume requirements.

The company provides in-house mould design/build, cryogenic deflashing, component assembly and product packaging.

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