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LCD Enclosures’ rugged LCD enclosures protect TVs from damage in manufacturing or production facilities when used as plant information points.

This allows companies to deploy screens up to 82in on the factory floor.

One such project has been deployed for an aerospace company in Holland, who had a requirement for 32 ruggedised LCD enclosures for screens of 60in for a mill that had carbon particles in the air.

These information points are used for staff training on the latest best production practices and can also be used to give corporate information on major project and contracts won, new customers and stock prices, etc.

In general manufacturing environments, the solution is to look for a product that is either IP56 (European Standard) or NEMA 4X (US standard).

Users can purchase IP56 television sets or a standard flat panel screen and a ruggedised LCD enclosure that offers IP56 protection.

These rugged LCD enclosures are equipped with cooling systems that also feature a filter, to ensure clean air enters into the enclosure, trapping the harmful particles in the filter.

In food manufacturing, the ruggedised LCD enclosure can be washed down with a high-pressure water jet and the screen remains safe from water ingress.

A stainless-steel LCD Enclosure is manufactured from food-quality stainless steel due to the constant contact with water and the stainless steel’s ability to resist corrosion.

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